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  • School Uniform Advantages and Disadvantages

    children_homepageThe debate over whether student uniforms are beneficial or detrimental has warred on for so long because of how easy it is to balance on the fence. The following are four pros and cons to school uniforms that might make you a fence sitter–or help you fall over one edge.
    Pro 1: Academic Performance Increased

    Educators believe that students in uniform are more likely to focus on academics. This concept of professionalism doesn’t just exist in education; it’s why so many employers are also required to wear certain attire.
    Pro 2: Behavioral Issues Reduced

    Sociologist and K-12 experts report students in uniform behave more appropriately in school environments. The belief arises from uniforms dictating a stricter atmosphere that encourages students to follow the rules. Violence in uniform schools is lower than other schools.
    Pro 3: Social Outcomes Improved

    In non-uniform schools, clothing and fashion often act the root of social conflict. Students segregate themselves by what they wear: the jocks, the goths, the emos, the nerds. With uniforms, students are brought into a neutral zone that makes social relationships easier.
    Pro 4: Affordability

    Experts believe a couple of uniforms is more affordable than a large wardrobe of trendy clothing.
    Con 1: Self Expression is Thwarted

    School uniforms stifle self expression, and the development of the self is as integral as the development of the mind. Experts believe that there is no stopping self expression in the psychological development of children and teenagers, and that more inappropriate means of expression will arise if clothing is restricted.
    Con 2: Individuality is Repressed

    If students are forced into a single mold, the individuality of each student evaporates, leaving a wash behind. Students are not exposed to diversity and often times experience culture shock when facing individuality in “the real world.”
    Con 3: Comfort Isn’t There

    School uniforms could prove just as much of an academic distraction as the classmate that’s sitting next to you in the inappropriate shirt when you’re dealing with things like itchiness, tightness, and rigidness. Students also don’t feel right in their own skin when wearing something forced upon them.
    Con 4: Affordability Again

    There’s just as many experts that believe that student uniforms are more expensive than the alternative. This is because while the student might only wear a uniform to school, they’re still going to want to embrace individuality and specifically-chosen clothing for outside of school. Two different wardrobes can become exhausting on the wallet.
    The Verdict

    Those that advocate school uniforms criticize the arguments against uniformity, claiming that students do not need to reply solely on their clothing for a sense of self and comfort. On the other hand, those that are against school uniforms do not believe their child’s academic performance will change because of the shirt they wear, nor will the friendships they make deteriorate or grow over whats on their backs.

    How to Use a Public Library

    article-new-thumbnail-ehow-images-a01-ub-bt-use-library-science-degree-800x800Has it been a while since you’ve been to the library? Yikes. If you haven’t been for a while, something you’re about to discover is that they are completely different from even ten years ago; whereas they were once a more or less dusty little room with books in it, at a “dead end”, most libraries have been completely reinvented into vital community nodes. They have become a place of gathering, momentum and fun – a place where you can nurture not just your love of reading but perhaps also where you’ll meet new people, find out how to start your new business or immerse yourself in technology you were only dreaming about. For the library-shy or overly busy person who hasn’t stepped in a library for ages, this article will get you caught up on what your local branch can do for you these days.

    Check out a book. Sure, they still loan out books, albeit with a few twists. For example, you’ll find it’s easier to get a copy of what you’re looking for through better systems that allow for inter-library borrowing from libraries elsewhere, broadening the opportunities for locating all titles.

    Moreover, many public libraries are now providing access to books in electronic form. You may not even have to visit the library (beyond an initial visit to join) but can sit back at home and search for electronic books, key in your library number and password and enjoy the materials on your laptop, iPad or eReader.
    In the United States and some other jurisdictions, libraries are now tied in together, all the local county branches, as well as any community college or other libraries located in the county. Just do a title search on the library computer for any titles not physically there, put in an e-request, and magic library gnomes deliver your request to your branch in a couple of days. Genius.

    Consider volunteering at the library. If there are volunteer opportunities available and you’re interested in library work, teaching or the sharing of information resources, a volunteer role might be just the thing you’re looking for to become involved in library or information work.